Song Fa Bak Kut Teh – Singapore

There is a list of dishes that you have to try when in a Singapore and Bak Kut Teh is one of these dish. I love the Bak Kut Teh in Song Fa, along with the many other yummy dishes they serve. It is a popular restaurant in Singapore for Bak Kut Teh. So some of the dishes can run out by the early night of the evening.

There are many different version of Bak Kut Teh and Song Fa serves the one with a peppery and garlic flavour. I really like the peppery soup which is free refill and it is great to have with rice or even fried dough. The pork is tender and wonderful when dipped with the dark soy sauce.

Song Fa

Song Fa is not just nice for their Bak Kut Teh but for there braised dishes, if you have adventurous taste buds. These dishes are cooked to a nice texture and full of flavours. Along with all the meat it is also nice a tasty vegetable to balance it out.


Song Fa


Chatterbox – Singapore

Singaporean locals tells me that one of the most expensive Hainanese chicken served in the country was at Chatterbox. I had mixed local review on whether it was worth trying. But decided that since we were in Singapore and it was not out of our way to get to the restaurant, we went to have lunch.

Chatterbox is located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel and have entrances from both the hotel or the mall it is connected. The restaurant was not busy when we arrived at noon but we did reserve a table in advance. I always think it better to book at a hotel restaurant, especially when you are not a hotel guest. You do not want to come all the way and be told they can not offer you a table.

The Hainanese Chicken rice is beautifully presented making it feel like an upmarket Hainanese Chicken rice. The dish comes to the table on a tray where you are served a plate of the Hainanese Chicken, a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup and a plate of the sauces.

The chicken was nice and succulent but could not see what make this more expensive then other places, apart the presentation. However, I noticed the
soup was different in that their were egg tofu.


Mandarin Orchard,
333 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238867

Wild Honey – Singapore

Wild Honey is a restaurant in Singapore which serves all day breakfast from around the different countries. So, if you are missing western breakfast while in Singapore then Wild Honey is the place to come. You will find English, European, Aussie, Tunisian, Belgium breakfast etc.


I ordered the European which was Wild Honey version of Egg Benedict. It was okay but I have had better version in London.


With my Egg Benedit I had the refreshing grapefruit juice. A nice alternative to the usual orange juice.


Although my dish was only okay, I think it is a nice concept to have a restaurant that serves different breakfast from around the globe.

There are two branches in Singapore and both are in the Orchard area. We went to the one that was located in Mandarin Gallery that is located on Orchard Road between Orchard MTR and Somerset MTR. Although both station is not far to walk, I felt it is closer from Somerset MTR.

Wild Honey
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road #03-02

Scotts Square
6 Scotts Square #03-01

Killiney Kopitiam – Singapore

Following on from Ya Kun, here is another place in Singapore for Kaya – Killiney Kopitiam. There are many branches (or outlets as they refer to over there) around Singapore as well a few around the world.

The nearest one that we found to where we were staying was located in Orchard Ion. The coffee shop as it is known, is very small in Orchard Ion which probably seat less than ten people.


It has it own speciality apart from the usual Kaya and butter toast. They even served waffle with Kaya, which shows that Kaya can be used with more than just bread.

I had the French Toast Kaya which is bread dipped into egg and then toasted. Giving a eggy flavour to the bread. The butter and a Kaya is then put on top of the toast, instead of being pre-spread.


Killiney Kopitiam is known for their coffee and tea as part of its name suggest. But I wasn’t feeling for either as I wanted to try the iced Dinosaur milo. It is basically a milo drink (chocolate drink) but with generous amount of milo powder on top in which it has the name Dinosaur milo.


Ya Kun – Singapore

When you are in Singapore there are many local food to try and one has to be Kaya which is a coconut jam. It is made with coconut milk and pandan, that is sweet and fragrant. More common way to have Kaya is with bread, although I have seen many other ways of serving Kaya.

Singapore has various franchise that specialise in Kaya and one of them is Ya Kun. There are many branches around Singapore so it was too difficult to find a branch near us to have breakfast.

Ya Kun

I ordered the cheese toast with kaya as one of the set which includes a drink and soft-boiled egg. The egg is very runny more than to the soft-boiled egg, which like it is raw. To eat the soft-boiled egg you add soy sauce and white pepper, then mix it together. It makes a great way to dip the toast in the egg or just slurp the runny egg like soup!

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck – Singapore

If you want good quality Peking duck then you have to visit Super Peking Duck in Singapore. Good food means it will be popular, so it is recommended to book in advance, including the Peking duck.


The Peking duck is served three ways, starting with the crispy duck skin that you dip in sugar. The duck skin is crispy with hardly any noticeable fat.

Imperial Treasure Super Duck

The second serving is wrapping the duck meat in pancake, with vegetable (cucumber and spring onion) and hoi sin sauce. Then the third and final serving you get the option on various choices on how you want to cook the rest of the duck meat. For additional charge we had the remaining duck meat fried in noodle.

Imperial Treasure Super Duck

As well as the Peking duck that evening, another dish that was also a favourite of mine would be the Scallops with Egg White in Truffle Oil.


After visiting Super Peking Duck we shortly visited Hong Kong Peking Garden which is supposed to be Hong Kong best place for Peking duck. However, it was disappointing including the service. Even Hutong At The Shard was better then Hong Kong Peking Garden.

Imperial Treasure Super Duck
Paragon, #05-42/45
290 Orchard Road

Boon Tong Kee (文東記) – Singapore

Boon Tong Kee is known in Singapore for their Hainanese chicken. There are many Boon Ting Kee outlets around Singapore and we visited the River Valley branch.

As they are known for Hainanese chicken, we had to order this dish to try.
We decided to go for half roasted and half boiled, so we could try out the difference between the two version. Both was nice with moist succulent chicken meat. But if I was to choose a favourite then it has to be the boiled version.

Boon Tong Kee


Although Boon Tong Kee is popular for their Hainanese chicken rice, there are so many other dishes that I do recommend. One of these dishes is the crispy cereal prawns. The prawn were massive and definitely jumbo prawn. It was messy to eat but it was delicious.


We also tried the prawn toast which was beautifully presented as well as tasty. I actually would not order prawn toast in London but then you do not usually get them served as good as Boon Tong Kee.


If I had the opportunity to come here again then I would take a group of people, so we can order a larger variety of dishes. We saw so many yummy looking dishes in the menu, but there is only so much four people can eat. Especially since we had a wedding banquet to attend on the same day.

Boon Tong Kee (River Valley)
425 River Valley Road
Singapore 248324