Shotgun BBQ (Closed)

The food business is not the easiest industry and nor is every one successful. There has been many examples of restaurant that I have seen closing and the most recent one this year is Shotgun BBQ. Soon after my visit in January of this year Shotgun BBQ closed it doors.

I had their all you can eat lunch offer for £25 excluding drinks and service charge. A great deal if you can eat enough meat to make your money worth.

To start we had Gombo (okra with smoked pork belly) and  boiled peanut dip. Those with nut allergies the restaurant swap the boiled peanut dip for devil egg. I thought the devil egg was a better option than the boiled peanut dip.

Shotgun BBQ

Following by the mains where it started with a trip to the kitchen. We got to visit the chef who then filled our plates with meat. There was choice of Smoked chicken BBQ Rub, USDA brisket, Suckling pig and Pork Belly.

Looking at the suckling pig make you think this is worth it even if I don’t go for a second round.

Shotgun BBQ

I found the beef brisket on the dry side and it was my least favourite meat we tried. The chicken was as I expected to be dry being the chicken breast and I have a preference of the more succulent part of the chicken. My favourite would be the suckling pig that was served like pulled pork mixed in a spicy seasoning. Follow by the belly pork which was still moist.

Shotgun BBQ

The meat came with unlimited helping of pickles, raw onions and bun.

Shotgun BBQ

We also got four sides to go with the meat including cornbread which according to the menu should had come as a starter.

Shotgun BBQ

The meal finished with a banana pudding for dessert which was not exciting. A bit of fresh bananas, cream, cake and banana purée.

Shotgun BBQ

The restaurant did felt a bit on the dull side. The curtain which was there to keep the place warm when the door open but it did not help the place. I still remember reaching the front door thinking they looked closed and they are now truly closed. Here is a video of the memories of my trip to Shotgun BBQ.


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