My Old Dutch (Holborn branch)

My Old DutchP1754_21-11-09

My Old Dutch is a pancake specialised restaurant where you choose from a choice of different pancakes, savory or sweet. The pancake here is big which are served on this big dutch China plates that are really heavy.

You can choose fro already created pancakes or even make you own with a choice of topic. So you can create you own savory pancake or if you like something sweet then you can create your own sweet pancake.

On this particular evening I felt like having a savory pancake and went for the My Old Dutch pancake. This contained smoked bacon, chicken, ham, sweet peppers, mushroom, sweet corn and cheese. But thinking about it I could not remember tasting the sweet corn or ham. Although I could have thought some of the ham was smoked bacon. However it was nice meaty pancake which I could only eat half of it.  A small stomach like mine the pancake here I can share with another.


Although I only had half of it I was craving for a sweet pancake and took a bite off another plate 🙂 It was one of the sweet pancake with peaches and ice cream. This give pancakes another feel from the savory pancake. This pancake was nice but I prefer the apple and cinnamon sweet pancake which I had before as a dessert after dining nearby in the area.

As well as pancake they also do waffles and dutch apple pie as other sweet alternatives. If you have enough room you can even start off some starters, which there are a range of dutch delicacy such as kaasballen (deep fried cheese balls) and bitterballen (dutch meatballs). There are also a range of salads of those who want something to go with you pancake or maybe you watching you calories and need an alternative when you there with pancakes eaters.

There are a range of drinks to go with you pancakes including fruit beers but my favourite are their milk shakes. If there are extras which does not fit in your glass they will give you that extra in the metal flask that your milkshake was shake up.

It was quite busy on a Saturday evening but did not really had to wait for a table. However if you came on pancake day you will see outside a long queue.

My Old Dutch (Holborn)
131-132 High Holborn