This is my long over due review of Fucina which opened its doors during the second half of 2016. The restaurant is founded by Kurt Zdesar who has been behind places like Ping Pong, Chotta Matte and Black Roe.

When I visited Fucina last year, it aim to bring the concept of Italian dishes made with freshly produce. The menu was split over different section and spread over two pages. Since then the menu has changed being condense on to one page. Whether it’s for the better that is a question mark.

During my visit I tried Straciatella with Mazzara prawn and black truffle (£18). If there wasn’t the soft opening offer, then I would have not ordered the dish with that price. But you won’t have that choice since I no longer see it on the updated menu.


Linguine al granchio (also known as crab linguine) was freshly made linguine served with Devonshire crab, chilli and garlic (£13.50).

The texture and the taste of the linguine reminded me of e-fu noodle (yi mein) which is used in Chinese cuisine and commonly made as a braised noodle dish.


There was a selection of pizza on the menu and I tried one of the vegetarian option, Bufala pizza (£11). The pizza is topped with bufala mozzarella, sicilian pachino tomoto & basil.


Fucina offers a range of grills such as steak and chicken. I tried the Maiale nero pork shoulder (£19.60) that they had on the menu at the time of my visit. For a gold price tag we got a few slices of pork that is served pink.


The meal was completed with dessert. The Panna cotta with pistachio crumble, blueberry and optional grappa (£7.50) was surprising.

In what sense you might be asking. Well it was not the typical panna cotta I was expected. Neitherless, it was a good contemporary concept. Think of as a messy version of a panna cotta but in an artistic way.


Another dessert that I tried was Stefano’s cheese cake served with rhubarb & strawberry preserve (£7.50). Although it looked like an American cheesecake it had a more creamy texture.


Fucina is more of an upmarket Italian restaurant. On my visit it did have a bit of an unfriendly atmosphere. Not what you want to find especially when you want people to be returning or be recommending it to others.

I was happy to pay for the price tag after the 50% off during their soft launch period. But not the full price for some of the dishes which was on the small side.

There are many places that serve authentic Italian food in London, especially pizza for a more reasonable price.

(Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

26 Paddington Street


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