Kiri restaurant is a Japanese drinking den off Oxford street, which serves modern izakaya dishes.

Kiri restaurant

Being a place for drinking than then menu can’t be short of a selection of drinks. There is a range wines, beer, sake and shochu. For those who want non-alcoholic drinks there is also a range of soft drinks and Japanese tea.

Kiri restaurant

For food, there are a range of fish, meat and vegetable small plates. We ordered a selection of dishes on the menu at the time.

  • Buta kawa chips (£2) is pork scratching which is not for every one taste buds. They were very crunchy, a bit too much for my liking.
  • Gyu tataki (£15) is seared wagyu steak with ponzu. This was one of my favourite dish with really tender steak and served in a refreshing citrus ponzu sauce.
  • Tako no carpaccio (£4.50) is thinly sliced octopus served in a wasabi dressing
  • Agedashu tofu (£5) is a Japanese fried tofu which at Kiri is served in shiitake mushroom sauce. Using shiitake mushroom as the sauce compliment the tofu well. It was different to the usual agedashu tofu which is tend to be served in soya sauce.
  • Uzura-niku no norimaki age (£12) is deep-fried quail rolled in seaweed
  • Gindara misoyaki (£20) is black cod which is flavoured in miso. There is nothing better than the combination of cod and miso.
  • Hotate to ebi no gratin (£9.50) is creamy crab, scallop and prawn gratin.

Kiri also offered robata skewers on the menu and I got to try both of them:

  • Wagyu kushiyaki (£7.50 per skewer) is chunky Wagyu beef served with a black pepper sauce.
  • Getsuyo kushiyaki (£3.80 per skewer) is marinated rabbit meat.

Kiri restaurant

We also tried the dessert Kiri offered the evening we visited but it was not that exciting. But a meal is not complete will out some thing sweet to finish off.

Kiri restaurant

Kiri restaurant

Overall the food was not bad at Kiri but I felt some of the dishes were expensive. It is a nice place for a drink and having a light bite. But do not expect to walk out of the restaurant filling full without draining your cash dry, especially if you have a big appetite.

Kiri restaurant

(Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

22-23 Woodstock Street


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