Madeira Portuguese Restaurant (小島葡國餐廳) – Venetian Macao Resort hotel

My trip in Macau was short to see everything there including the show. So had to plan my one day trip with the places I wanted to go and one of them was Venetian Macau Resort hotel.

It is like an indoor city with a big food court. But we decided to have dinner at Madeira Portuguese restaurant.

We ordered a starter of pan-fried Portuguese sausages. The taste reminded me of Wimpy sausages which I use to go to in my childhood. I love the taste of Wimpy sausages so it was good to find it all again.

Portuguese fried rice which contained a mixture of chicken and prawn, as well as chopped onions, green pepper and even olives. It was a tasty flavoured fired rice which I am curious to find out how to make.

My favourite dish that I relate to Macau is Portuguese chicken, which is supposed to be a version of a non-spicy curry. This one contained Portuguese sausages, egg and onions. Then sprinkled with coconut on top.


Koi Kei Bakery (鉅記餅家) – Macau

Walking along Ruin of St Pauls you will find many shops that you can buy food that makes good gifts. You can even try before you buy, so do not have to worry if it is something you do not know what it is and how it taste.

Although, you can buy meat jerky in Hong Kong but I always seem to think Koi Kei’s meat jerky are much tasty. The texture is moist so not as dry.

There are various flavours that you can choose and the shop kindly allows you to taste before you buy. You have some that are more tender then others, we well as some have black peppers or garlic.

Koi Kei do not just sell meat jerky, they also sell peanut candy, ginger, candy, portuguese tart and many more. But in that you cannot forget their popular items of almond cake and egg roll.

Tea Plus (大聖豬扒包) – Macau

Having finished my blog sharing of my food journey in Hong Kong, I am going to finish with a few of my food journey on my one day trip in Macau.

Let me start with Tea Plus which we found when we were walking to Ruins of St Paul, where you can buy pork bun that is a speciality in Macau.

A pork steak that is put in to a baguette type bread. The pork has been marinated with flavour of garlic. It was simple but a tasty snack.

Tea Plus
7 R. da Palha,
Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro,