Killiney Kopitiam – Singapore

Following on from Ya Kun, here is another place in Singapore for Kaya – Killiney Kopitiam. There are many branches (or outlets as they refer to over there) around Singapore as well a few around the world.

The nearest one that we found to where we were staying was located in Orchard Ion. The coffee shop as it is known, is very small in Orchard Ion which probably seat less than ten people.


It has it own speciality apart from the usual Kaya and butter toast. They even served waffle with Kaya, which shows that Kaya can be used with more than just bread.

I had the French Toast Kaya which is bread dipped into egg and then toasted. Giving a eggy flavour to the bread. The butter and a Kaya is then put on top of the toast, instead of being pre-spread.


Killiney Kopitiam is known for their coffee and tea as part of its name suggest. But I wasn’t feeling for either as I wanted to try the iced Dinosaur milo. It is basically a milo drink (chocolate drink) but with generous amount of milo powder on top in which it has the name Dinosaur milo.



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