Chatterbox – Singapore

Singaporean locals tells me that one of the most expensive Hainanese chicken served in the country was at Chatterbox. I had mixed local review on whether it was worth trying. But decided that since we were in Singapore and it was not out of our way to get to the restaurant, we went to have lunch.

Chatterbox is located in the Mandarin Oriental hotel and have entrances from both the hotel or the mall it is connected. The restaurant was not busy when we arrived at noon but we did reserve a table in advance. I always think it better to book at a hotel restaurant, especially when you are not a hotel guest. You do not want to come all the way and be told they can not offer you a table.

The Hainanese Chicken rice is beautifully presented making it feel like an upmarket Hainanese Chicken rice. The dish comes to the table on a tray where you are served a plate of the Hainanese Chicken, a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup and a plate of the sauces.

The chicken was nice and succulent but could not see what make this more expensive then other places, apart the presentation. However, I noticed the
soup was different in that their were egg tofu.


Mandarin Orchard,
333 Orchard Road,
Singapore 238867


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