Ho Hung Kee (何洪記)

My Michelin journey continues in Hong Kong with Ho Hung Kee, which is another restaurant that has been awarded one star in 2011. This time it is not serving dim sum, but instead Ho Hung Kee specialise in noodle and congee.

The restaurant is located on a street that is right next to Time Square in Casuseway (Exit A at Casuseway Bay MTR). It is fairly small restaurant which is just how you find many places in Hong Kong that serves noodles and congee. When we arrive there was a few empty seats but filled up quite quickly.

We decided to order the two recommendation – stir-fried beef ho fun and the wonton soup noodle.

Usually I am not a huge fan of stir-fried ho fun but this one does give my thumb up. The stir-fried beef ho fun was beautiful cooked, where the noodle was not all stuck together, as well not being too oily which you sometime get with stir-fried ho fun. I am glad we ordered our in time because I heard ho fun was sold out.

The wonton soup noodle was just as tasty and is a dish you have to try when in Hong Kong. You might be wondering why in the photo there does not seem to be any wonton but just a bowl of noodle. The wonton are hidden at the bottom, this is so noodle does not become soggy in the soup it is on top.

The noodle was indeed not soggy and although the wonton was in the soup it was still in one piece.

Overall, the two dishes we tried was good and the service was friendly. The glance of the hygiene looks good which is important factor. It would be a place that I would visit again.

Ho Hung Kee (何洪記)
2 Sharp Street East,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong



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