Ho Ho Noodle and Congee House (好好粥麵)

When I am in Hong Kong a typical Chinese breakfast is a must, so it is either my favourite macaroni soup or congee. For those unfamiliar with congee it is actually rice but in a soup or porridge consistent. It can be served on its own or with various ingredients added to it. They can be eaten by itself or served with a savoury Chinese doughnuts.

As you will have worked out Ho Ho Noodle and Congee House serves congee. There are various branches around Hong Kong, with the one in Mong Kok located in the food court of Grand Century Place.

On an earlier Sunday morning, while many shops was not opened in Grand Century Place, we decided to order breakfast at Ho Ho Noodle and Congee House. I ordered a meat ball congee, which was tasty and piping hot. I did like the fragrant taste of the meatballs which was a good combination to the congee which usually can be quite bland on it own.

It produces relatively nice dishes but it’s not for those who are relatively concern about hygiene. A plastic white bowl with greyish black shadow is not what you would call very attractive. It is disappointing since the food are tasty.

Ho Ho Noodle and Congee House (好好粥麵)
Shop 539, 5/F, Grand Century Place,
193 Prince Edward Road West,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong



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