Hong Kong & Macau

Hello UK, I’m back! It feels like I have been away from the UK for months but I have only taken a short trip to Hong Kong. It was to one tiring trip which I still have not recovered. I actually feel I need another break.

Hong Kong is not an unfamiliar country to me, where its surrounding changes quickly. It some way seems to resembles how culture of Hong Kong life is so much fast pace. But definitely one thing that does not change is the crowd of people you find wherever you go.

As always it was magnificent to see the buildings on Hong Kong Island, especially when you standing within it and you look up to see how modern and tall they stand.

Hong Kong Island - Central

The view of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour is one of my favourite which I cannot seem to find words that describe the beauty. The Peak itself also provides a good bird eye view of Hong Kong. But having visited it a numbers of time, we decided this time to try International Commerce Centre’s Sky 100 observation deck, which only recently opened in 2011. It is apparently currently the tallest building in Hong Kong with a bird eye view from the 100th floors.

Hong Kong is a shopping district and the queen of food treasure. So it is no surprise that eating was one major part of my trip.

I will share with you the following places that I tried while I was in Hong Kong:

2011 Hong Kong Macau Michelin (2011米芝蓮香港澳門) – One Star:

As well as spending most of my time in Hong Kong, I took a day trip to Macua which is only approximate a hour by Turbojet ferry from Hong Kong (Shun Tak Centre located in Sheung Wan) to Macau Ferry Terminal. Then from Macau I then took a local bus to Senado Square.

St. Dominic's Church (玫瑰堂)

From Senado Square it is a short walk to Ruins of St Paul.

Ruins of St. Paul's (大三巴牌坊)

After enjoying the sight seeing and shopping I walked back to Senado Sqaure to get a bus to Macau Inner Harbour Terminal, where we took a free shuttle bus to the Venetian Macao Resort hotel. We actually walked it to Macau Inner Harbour Terminal instead of getting a local bus and almost got lost (approx 15-20 minutes walked). So it was it was a relief to see a Venetian shuttle bus stopping beside the road which we hopped on.

At Venetian I spent most of my time at Grand Canals shopping mall, which is a magnificent indoor resort, that is actually design like you are outdoor, with it imaginery sky.

There are even lakes that you can ride on the gondola.

Of course I would have not left Macau without eating so I will sharing with you the following places I visited:

Although it was a short and tiring trip, I did enjoyed my time in both Hong Kong and Macua. I just cannot wait until my next opportunity I am back in Hong Kong.


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