Thai Shing Restaurant (泰成菜館)

During my visit in Hong Kong I met up with a friend for dinner in Causeway Bay at Thai Shing restaurant for Thai. It is a small local restaurant on a quiet street near Time Square.

I would have not thought to have dine here if my friend did not make the suggestion. It was a great choice as the food was tasty.

We ordered clams in curry sauce (咖喱炒蜆) and the clams was the size of an oyster. Usually when I order clams in London they are mini clams, so it was interesting to see how big the different range of clams can vary.

As we were having Thai it would not be the same without a green curry with chicken (青咖哩雞). It was fairly spicy for a green curry, actually more spicy then the green curry I have had before.

My knowledge is that green curry is supposed to be the mildest curry of the range of Thai curry. If the green curry was this spicy, I cannot imagine the red curry. However, lucky I ordered a coconut milk drink to be able to cool my mouth.

As well as these two dishes we also ordered a King Prawn Pad Thai noodle and Pad Pak-Bung (泰式炒通菜). Unfortunately, I forgotten to take a photo after the above two dishes arrived.

The Pad Thai noodle was cooked differently to the ones I have had in London. Since I have never been to Thailand to know what an authentic Pad Thai noodle should taste, I cannot say which one is a good Pad Thai noodle. The one I had at Thai Shing looked spicy when it arrived on our table but it was not at all. I could taste that a lot of fish sauce was used.

The Pad Pak-Bung also known as Thai style stir-fry morning glory, is a type of vegetable. The dish seems similar to the stir-fry morning glory in Chinese cuisines. I cannot seem to remember if I have ever seen this dish at any of London Thai restaurant.

Thai Shing Restaurant
G/F, Tang Fai Building,
36 Tung Lung Street,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong