Shangri-La at The Shard (TING lounge)

I still remember my first visit to Ting restaurant a few years ago which was not just the beautiful view, the lovely fragrant but their impressive service. With a wonderful previous experience, I decided to book lunch for my brother’s birthday and this time I managed to book the Ting lounge. The menu at the lounge is different to their restaurant where afternoon tea and a dedicated lounge menu with a range of Asian dishes is served.

The seating at the lounge are lower than the restaurant with big sofas. They were still comfortable to dine in but were more suited for afternoon tea then a main meal. There are table seatings in the lounge area and these are the ones which will give you front row view of London.

Shangri-La The Ting Lounge

Although, Ting serves both afternoon tea and a lounge menu, you will have to choose either one of the option. I was hoping that the ladies in the family could have had the afternoon tea and the men in the family who prefer not to have the fancy three tiers to have the Asian dishes from the lounge menu.

As we had to select either one, we opted for the lounge menu as it cater for everyone and we could try Ting’s south-east Asian dishes.

Shangri-La The Ting Lounge

From the south-east Asian dishes, I ordered their Hainanese Chicken Rice (£18). This is poached chicken served with ginger flavoured rice, chicken broth and condiments. It is one of the signature dish in Singapore and I was intrigued to know what Ting’s Hainanese chicken rice would be like.

The presentation was beautiful and came as I expected for a Hainanese chicken rice. Each component of the dish came on one tray. The poached chicken was taken off the bones and beautifully cooked with succulent meat, including the chicken breast that tend to be driest part. The rice had a light ginger which went well with chicken.

Although the Hainanese chicken rice is £18 which is not cheap. But we did get what looked like half a chicken and off the bone. I was pleased with the quality that I was happy to pay for this price and with the bonus of the view.

Shangri-La The Ting Lounge

As well as south-east Asian dishes, the lounge menu also offers a range of middle eastern mezza and British dishes including salads, sandwiches and burgers.

We tried one of the chef special main course, Roasted South Coast Cod (£22) served with crushed Jersey Royals, samphire and cucumber butter sauce. The fish was cooked perfectly to give a silky piece of fish. It was a nice Summer dish to have for lunch or dinner.

Shangri-La The Ting Lounge

Ting lounge has a selection of dessert and the birthday boy ordered the Raspberry and Vanilla Cheesecake (£8) served with Raspberry jelly and Raspberry sorbet.

Shangri-La The Ting Lounge

Ting will also provide the service for you to pre-order a celebration cake directly from them. I pre-ordered a fresh cream strawberry cake for the birthday boy. It was different to the one I ordered in 2014 as this was more like a mousse cake.

Shangri-La The Ting Lounge

Overall the food was good and I would go back for the Hainanese chicken rice again. My only disappointment in my latest visit was the service at the lounge was not as good as the restaurant. Although it was nice to not be rush for the restaurant, we felt there was a lack of attention from our server. Brushing this to one side for a special occasion we still enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

Shangri-La The Ting Lounge

Review of Ting restaurant click here:

(Not Sponsored. Prices and Menu correct at the time of dining)

TING (Lounge)
Level 35, Shangri-La Hotel (At The Shard)
31 St Thomas Street,
SE1 9QU,
United Kingdom


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