Dozo is a Japanese restaurant with two branches in London and one of these is located in Soho. The restaurant serves a range of sushi including morden sushi maki rolls that are known as Dozo rolls.

We tried the Tiger Maki (8 pieces) – tempura prawn, tobiko, cucumber, avocado & lettuce (£13.80).

Dozo Soho

My favourite is the Volcano Maki (8 p pieces) – eel, leeks, bonito flakes, eel sauce, avocado & mayonnaise (£15.80). Combination of all the different flavours with Japanese mayonnaise makes a sauce that is addicting.

Dozo Soho

As well as sushi the restaurant also offers a selection of noodle and rice. We tried their Curry Tori Don deep-fried chicken cutlet in breadcrumbs with Japanese curry sauce on rice (£8.80). I felt the curry sauce was on the watery side. Compared to the sushi the presentation of this dish was lacking.

Dozo Soho

Overall sushi was better than their non-sushi dishes and it will be the Dozo rolls that you will want to order when you visit.

Dozo Soho can be a popular place and I do advise that you make a reservation. We did turn up and managed to get a table for three people with no wait. However we only had the table for an hour and half.

Dozo Soho
32 Old Compton Street,
W1D 4TP,


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