BAO London (Fitzrovia)

Bao London opened their second branch in Fitzrovia this year, which is larger and more spacious than their Soho branch. It has a tapas bar layout but with BAO style design, which is simple like their first branch.

The menu is different to the Soho branch with the classic bao being the only item that both branches serve.

BAO Fitzrovia

Raw Langoustine, Dulse, Aged Soy, Oyster Leaf (£4 3/4) had a refreshing flavour. But it did have a strong fishy taste and not to every one liking.

BAO Fitzrovia

Beef Cheek & Tendon Nuggets (£4) is served with a spicy sauce. The tendon gives the nuggets a mixture of textures – where the beef cheek has the creamy soft texture and the tender has a jelly texture.

BAO Fitzrovia

Duck Hearts, Chilli Garlic Sauce (£5.50) was surprisingly to be my favourite dish. I love the tender texture of the duck heart and all the flavours worked well. The sauce is not as spicy as I thought and only has a slight kick.

BAO Fitzrovia

Fried Chicken Chop (£5.50) is served with a raw egg yolk and hot sauce. I requested the hot sauce separately as it was spicy for me. The chicken was moist and succulent in a crispy coating.

BAO Fitzrovia

Sanbei Octopus (£6) comes in a fairly spicy sauce which was tangy and vinaigrette. The octopus is more on the chewy side than tender. It came served with fat that is deep-fried and topped with fragrant Thai basil.

BAO Fitzrovia

Classic Bao (£4) is made up of braised pork, ferments, coriander and peanut. This is the same bao found in the Soho branch. The bun never fail at BAO, which is fluffy and soft.

BAO Fitzrovia

Cod Black (£5) is made up of fried cod, ng sauce and hot sauce. Again I asked for the hot sauce to be served separately. This bao is definitely a recommendation to order. As well as the duck hearts this was has to be the other favourite dish at BAO. The fish is deep-fried in a black battered and under this you will find moist cod meat.

BAO Fitzrovia

Beef shortrib, Marro, Eryngii (£3.40) comes with the soy cured egg yolk. The sauce is served separately and Wai Ting (one of the co-founder) explained to us to eat this dish, you pour the sauce over the rice and mix every thing together.

BAO Fitzrovia

At their Fitzrovia branch they do not serve their bao ice cream. Instead they do two milkshake which uses Gelupo ice cream. We tried the chocolate and rice milkshake which tasted like chocolate milkshake. Personally I felt for £5 it was expensive and I would rather pay for their bao ice cream.

It is not cheap to eat at BAO London. For two people we spent about £26 each including service charge.

(Not Sponsored. Prices and Menu correct at the time of dining)

BAO London (Fitzrovia branch)
31 Windmill Street,


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