Lima Floral (Lunch)

Lima Floral is the sister restaurant to Michelin starred Lima in Fitzrovia. This little sister is located in Covent Garden, close to Leicester Square tube station.

The restaurant serves Peruvian cuisine in a bright and vibrant setting. The lunch menu is tapas style split in to Ceviche, Saltadito (Peruvian-style stir fry), Tiradito (sashimi-style fish), Snacks, Anticucho (marinated grilled skewers), Potato Causa (dressed potato puree) and Jalea (in a light, tempura-style batter).

While waiting for our food we nibbled on complimentary yellow and purple corn breads served with a tangy dip.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

We ordered the Yunza selection box (£48) which is a chef selection of nine dishes to be shared between two persons. We did not know what nine dishes until the box is brought out. But the chef made a good selection which were made up of dishes from each section of the menu.

Lima Floral

Top of the box

Octopus tiradito – this consisted of octopus, green vegetables, onions, herbs and yellow chilli sauce. The octopus was tender and a dish with Italian flavours.

Prawn ceviche – the dish was made up of fat and juicy prawns, crunchy yuca root, creamy rocoto tiger’s milk, baby gem, mango. It was one of my favourite dish on the table which was a better version of prawn cocktail.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

Top shelve

Chicken anticucho – this was chicken skewer with sundried chillies served with a potatoes salsa.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

Sea bream ceviche – the chunky sliced sea bream was served with a tangy refreshing sauce.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

Middle shelve

Corn fed chicken potato causa – this dish was a combination of chicken, spring onions, yellow chillies , lime and olive oil. It was another favourite dish that we had on the table, which was creative. The combination of all the flavours on this dish reminded me of mayo chicken sandwich filling.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

On this shelves we also tried two of the snack dishes that are on the menu including crisps and their Mussels a la chalaca.

Bottom shelve

Salmon tiradito – this is like a sashimi dish made of sliced salmon marinated with sundries chilli and soya sauce.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

Mixed Jalea – we got a combination of squids and king prawns. It was served with cusco corn which went well with the seafood. I really enjoyed this dish although I am not a big fan with deep fried food. The squids was really tender in a softly crispy batter coating.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

As we were sharing between three people, we also ordered additional dishes alongside the Yunza box .

Beef saltadito (£10) is one of the Peruvian-style stir fry on the menu. It consisted of beef strips marinated with soya sauce, cumin, red onions, tomatoes. This dish tasted very oriental and my least favourite dish. I found the beef fairly tough and it was more beef cube than beef strips.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

Beef Loin anticucho (£8) is grilled beef skewers with anticucho sauce, new potatoes and red onion salsa. The beef were tender but I thought the chicken anticucho had more flavour. The best part of this dish for me was the new potatoes and red onion salsa.

Trio Tiradito (£15) is sashimi-style fish dish with the combination of tuna, salmon and cobia. The tuna is served with Amazonian cashew pesto and seaweed caviar. The salmon is marinated with sundries chilli, soya sauce. Whereas, the cobia is a cob fish with red kiwicha and blacksquid ink.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

We completed it with three of Lima floral’s desserts which were nice, but I felt the other dishes we had on the menu were more of the highlight at Lima Floral.

For dessert we tried their Guava Mousse (£6) which was a light dessert. You can taste the guava in the mousse.

Andean quinoa, almond milk and chocolate (£6) felt more like a breakfast dish then a dessert. It was smiliar to rice pudding but lighter. The dessert was not sweet as dark chocolate was used to accompany the quinoa. It was an intresting dessert and the combination of all the ingrediants worked well.

Alfajores, strawberries, purple corn sorbet (£6) was the sweetest dessert on the table. The Alfajores are soft cookies which tasted like shortbread biscuits.

Lima Floral (Lunch menu)

Overall I felt the food at Lima Floral is colourful and creative. The service was helpful and friendly.

(Not Sponsored. Prices and Menu correct at the time of dining)

Lima Floral
14 Garrick Street,


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