Milk Train

Choo Choo…! Milk Train arrives in London with their soft serve ice cream. There are three flavours offered – vanilla, matcha (green tea) and hojicha (roasted green tea).

There has been a recent craze for matcha ice cream in London. It’s probably one of the flavour people would likely to choose if it’s not vanilla. But when you visit Milk Train, I would recommend their hojicha soft serve.

It has more flavour than their matcha flavour and definitely Milk Train signature flavour. If you are not too sure about the flavour of hojicha than have a swirl of half vanilla and half hojicha. The vanilla balance out the strong flavour of hojicha. It is definitely my favourite at Milk Train!

Milk Train

All ice cream can be served in a cone or a cup. There are a range of toppings that you can add to the ice cream and each one are 50 pence each. The most novelty topping has to be candy floss. A soft serve ice cream in a cone wrapped with candy floss bring fun to your ice cream.

The candy floss itself is not that sweet. I thought the ice cream cone was the sweetest and probably a touch too sweet.

Milk Train

The cafe is located in Covent Garden. It is small with a few tables for you to sit down and enjoy the dessert, no matter how simple or creative your ice cream.

Milk Train

Milk Train
44 Bedford Street,


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