Vicino Restaurant

Vicino is an Italian restaurant situated in Parsons Green. It is walking distinct from Parsons Green station on the district line. The walk is pleasant from the station, through the small park and passing the upmarket local stores.

The restaurant is casual with a rustic feel of Tuscany. In the warm weather the windows at the front of the restaurant are opened up which allows you to enjoy the greenery of Parsons Green.

Vicino’s menu has a range of choices which are not just pasta. There are a selection of fish and meat dishes. The menu will cater for different dietary requirements, including those who are gluten intolerance. Dishes are flagged on the menu to indicate if they are suitable for vegetarian and/or gluten-free.

For our starters we tried the Calamari e Zucchine Fritte (£7) which was a deep-fried squid & courgette strips served with tartare sauce. Both the squid and courgette strips were beautifully fried. The tartare sauce is light in taste which compliments the lemon.

Vicino Restaurant

Insalata di Granchio (£8) was a refreshing starter that is excellent during the Summer season. This was made up of fresh Cornish crab with cucumber, chilli and shallots served on a toasted bread. The different flavours from each ingredients worked well together. The crab was light in flavour and was brought alive from the flavours of the other ingredients on the plate.

Vicino Restaurant

One of Vicino house speciality is their Linguine con Aragosta Vine Bianco Aglio e Peperoncino (£29.50) which is a whole lobster with linguine, white wine sauce, garlic and chilli. The dish was cooked beautifully with al dente pasta and lobster cooked just right.

Vicino Restaurant

Tagliolini Speck (£11) was another beautiful pasta dish at Vicino. It was made up of mushrooms, speck ham and generous shaving of truffles. This dish is full of flavour and well seasoned.

Vicino Restaurant

For dessert, we choice Vicino’s homemade dessert and one of these had to be the tiramisu (£5.50). It’s a beautiful rustic dessert with flavours of coffee and amaretto liquor.

Vicino Restaurant

The crème caramel (£5.50) had a rich egg custard flavour with a light sweet taste from the sugar sauce. The pudding has a lovely texture and is a nice light dessert to finish off a meal.

Vicino Restaurant

Although, Vicino is a local restaurant the presentation is not forgotten. Every dish is nicely presented. The portion size is decent and good value.

(Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

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Vicino Restaurant
189 New King’s Road,
SW6 4SW,


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