Tombo Poké & Matcha Bar, Soho

Tombo opened a second store a few months ago in London Soho. The store has a much smaller menu than their original cafe in South Kesington. The Soho branch concentrate on serving Poké, their popular Matcha drinks and desserts. 

Poké are basically sushi bowl served in a contemporary way. Tombo offers it with black and white rice or courgette noodles. The courgette noodles is the lighter version which is nice alternative to a salad in the Summer weather.

There are a variety of hot and iced matcha drinks including teas, latte, matchiato, juices and milkshake. It is defintely a place for matcha lovers.

The most popular items on Tombo’s menu has to be their dessert. Their matcha soft serve ice cream comes in the choice of a cone, pot, sundae (£5.40), manaka (£3.90) and affogato (£6)

Tombo sundae comes with matcha soft serve, red bean paste, matcha brownie, rice crispy bottom and a waffle stick. The matcha soft serve  is less milky than places like Tsujiri and has a stronger green tea flavour. It is perfect for those who prefer less milky and stronger matcha flavour soft serve.

Although it is not as milky, the soft serve is still creamy and not watery base like the one I had at Kanada-Ya. The ice cream itself was not too sweet but I did find the matcha brownies very sweet.

Tombo Matcha Sundae

Getting a soft serve does not come cheap, even on its own the price starts at £3.50. The sundae itself in the takeaway portion is even more expensive as it priced at £5.40. But the price is comparable to other places in London that serves matcha soft serve. It is defintely a luxary ice cream.

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of visit)

Poké & Matcha Bar – Soho
28 D’Arblay Street,
W1F 8EW,


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