Little Bay Kilburn

Little Bay is a restaurant that offers modern European style cuisines. The Kilburn branch was not as theatrical looking as other branches. But it could be the dark romantic setting that meant there was not much I could clearly see. However, I did notice there was some theatrical balcony table upstairs.

The restaurant offers a three course menu at very attractive prices. If you order before 7pm starter is £2.75, main is £6.20 and dessert is £2.75. After 7pm starter is £3.85, main is £6.20 and dessert is £3.85. However, it does mean you are restricted to only a selection of dishes.

We were provided with complimentary bread to nibble while we waited for our food to arrive. The bread was nothing special but felt it was a nice to get complimentary nibbles.

Little Bay Kilburn

Starter I had the profiteroles with crab meat and citrus hollandaise, which was recommended by a friend as a dish you must order at Little Bay. I thought it was a nicely created dish and it did have similar resemble to profiteroles. But do not expect crab meat freshly extracted from a crab.

Little Bay Kilburn

Another starter I tried was the Slow Cooked Duck Legs in Filo Pastry with buttered Leek and Grand Marnier sauce. I thought this was a nice alternative to the crab.

Little Bay Kilburn

Main I had the Duck Two Ways which is made up of duck breast, savoy cabbage, pak choi and duck en croute in a honey ginger jus.

Little Bay Kilburn

We got complimentary sides of warm vegetables and potatoes, which went well with many of the mains. So we did not need to order additional sides. Even with out the complimentary sides I felt most of the mains was good enough to have with out sides.

I did not go with any of the dessert that was part of the offer, although there was a good selection. Instead I opted for the Homemade tiramisu (£4.25) to satisfy my craving.

Little Bay Kilburn

You can see the effort in the presentation of the dishes. However, it’s not fine dining level but then you are not paying crazy expensive prices.

Little Bay is a nice casual place to dine and with their menu offer it is affordable. The Kilburn branch is walking distance to Kilburn High Road overground. It is advisable to book, especially if you want to dine at one of the balcony table.

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of visit)

Little Bay Kilburn
228 Belsize Road


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