Mahdi Restaurant

Mahdi restaurant serve Persian cuisines. This place was busy and we were glad that we booked, since we did have a large party. The food was good and the staff were really friendly. My highlight of my evening has to be the Naan which was freshly baked and was nice on its own or with homous made of mashed chickpeas, garlic, sesame and olive oil

Mahdi Restaurant

We ordered the mixed grills which comes in the choice of being served for 2 people (£25.90) or 3 people (£34.90). We ordered the portion for 3 people and felt it could be shared between 4 people.

The mixed grills consisted of grilled lamb fillet, grilled chick fillet, grilled minced meat and grilled chick on the bone. This was all served with saffron rice with barberries and grilled tomatoes.

I felt the minced meat was the best grills on the plate, followed by the grilled lamb fillet. The chicken was my least favourite as it was on the dry side.

Mahdi Restaurant

Mahdi Restaurant

The meal went well with Iranian aromatic tea and to warm up in the cold winter weather.

Mahdi Restaurant

You won’t walk out the restaurant feeling hungry as the food is not just good but a decent size.

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of visit)

Mahdi Restaurant
215-217 King Street,
W6 9JT


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