34 Mayfair – Sunday brunch

The restaurant has an old classic feel that is grand but casual at the same time. We were seated near the front entrance at one of the leather couch seats.

Once seated we were served a selection of breads and flat breads. These were not actually complimentary because there was a £2 cover charge added to our bill.

34 Mayfair

There is a range of dishes on the brunch menu including waffles and pancakes. However, I was more attracted to their savoury dishes.

I ordered the Salt beef hash which comes with double fried egg and mustard sauce (£13.50). This was not a very heavy dish and was just right for brunch. I was surprised that the mustard sauce was not creamy or as strong as I thought it would be in taste. It was a nice compliment to the beef hash and egg. My only criticism would that some of the dish had the look that they had been sitting around for some time before getting served.

34 Mayfair

As it was Sunday, 34 Mayfair offers a Sunday roast which is  slices of roast beef served with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and vegetable (£24.50). This was a posh roast with the vegetable served separately and as did the two different sauces that came with it.

34 Mayfair

It was a nice place to have brunch in such a classic atmosphere. You can tell the restaurant has been around for some time as the paint on the plates have started to fade.

The service at 34 Mayfair were as you expect from such a classy place and you would not want to expect any thing less with the price you pay and cover charge that come with the bill.

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of visit)

34 Mayfair
34 Grosvenor Square,
W1K 2HD,



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