Tsujiri London – Matcha drinks and dessert

Tsujiri is a Japanese traditional tea brand which serves its matcha (green tea) tea in variety of desserts and drinks. It is originated in Japan and has branches in Singapore, Canada and now in UK.

Matcha ice cream seem to be getting popular in London, especially with the Oriental community. It is no surprise as it is an Asia flavour. There seem to be madness with any thing containing matcha.

The shop is small which is located in the Soho area of London. There are only a few seats which are usually filled during the busy hours. But when there is so many people it can get stuffy that you would rather just eat on the street or at a nearby park.

Tsujiri is popular for their soft serve ice cream which comes in two flavours, Matcha (£3.95) or Vanilla (£3.45) in either a cone or cup. You can also opt to add toppings for additional charge – Kinako (roasted soy beans powder), Red Bean, Kuromitsu (dark sugar syrup), Shiratama (mochi), Marron Glace (sugar syrup chestnut candied).

Tsujiri London

If you want some thing a bit more fancy than the Matcha Sundae is a good choice. There are three to choose, Crispy Sundae (£4.95), Shiratama Sundae (£5.45) and Chiffon Cake Sundae (£4.95).

Tsujiri London

The Chiffon Cake Sundae consist of corn flakes, a piece of green tea chiffon cake, red bean paste and of course matcha soft-serve ice cream.

Tsujiri London

If you are like me who some time want a drink but still want an ice cream than the float (Small £5.45/Medium £5.95) is a good option. There are six to choose, O-matcha float, Houjicha float, Yuzu float, O-matcha milk float, Houjicha milk float and Red bean float. All of them comes with a choice of vanilla or matcha ice cream. It is definitely a good choice to get cool in the warm weather.

Tsujiri London

There are also a variety of drinks including hot or cold ice tea and latte. For some thing to cool down in the warm weather but more on the icy side than the ice blended (Medium £3.95/Large £4.45) could be the one. Just like the float it comes in six different flavours. however if you want some thing a bit more tradition than there is O-matcha.

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of visit)

Tsujiri London
47 Rupert Street,



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