School Food, Hong Kong

School Food is a Korean restaurant that serves modern and innovated Korean food. There are various branches in Hong Kong and is a perfect place for large group.

We visited the branch in Mong Kok located in MOKO shopping mall. It is hidden in the corner of the 4th floor near Beard Papa. There was no queue when we arrive for dinner and quickly got a table.

The menu is trendy, simple and colourful, which is in traditional Chinese, English and Korean. There was also a separate menu for seasonal dishes.

School Food

We tried a variety of the blooming mari which are to represent flower-like rice. Mari combines the concepts of kimbap and roll.

The Seasoned Ham Mari 紳士先生 (HK$65) has to be my favourite which was an indulgent. This warm mari consisted of ham filling and coated in melted cheese wrapped in a layer of egg. I could have had this dish all to myself that made a good comfort food.

School Food

The Squid Ink Mari 烏卒卒 (HK$75) had a different texture with tender squid in the centre.

School Food

There are a range of snack food including an assorted deep-fried platter 脆味樂園(HK$88)  which is made up of deep-fried sweet corn balls (粟米球), deep-fried topokki (年糕), fries (薯條), salad and pollock roe sauce (鱈魚籽醬).

The deep-fried topokkoi (soft rice cake) was a good alternative to the traditional version which is stir-fried in a spicy Korean sauce. School Food also serves a range of topokkoi dishes from the traditional to fusion options.

School Food

There is a variety of noodles on the menu, but we did not get the chance to try. Instead we opted for the rice which are served in hot pan and some of them also come with melting cheese – gorgeous!

School Food

We tried the chef choice which was the BBQ Beef Ribs-Barhp with Potato Wedges 韓風牛仔鐵鍋飯 (HK$138). This rice is full of starch as it consisted both rice and potato. But it is so typical of asian style eating who are starch eater.

School Food

There are variety of drinks including Chilsung cider (韓國七星雪碧) which is a Korean style sprite that has no alcohol content. The athie (艾菲) are non-alcholic cocktails that are made for sharing. It comes in four different flavours – strawberry, mango, orange and pineapple.

School Food

As well as selection of cold drinks, there are hot drinks available including Korean honey yuzu tea 熱柚子蜜 or hot sweet date tea 熱紅棗荼 (HK$28 each).

School Food

The portion size at School Food are great for sharing, which makes it suitable to come with families and friends to enjoy a casual meal. If it is just you or dining between two then I would suggest not to order too much. Some of the dishes are actually quite filling then you might think.

School Food

School Food

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices are correct at the time of dining)

School Food (Mong Kok)
Unit 453,4/F, MOKO, 193 Prince Edward Road West,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong



2 thoughts on “School Food, Hong Kong

    • I have not been to the one Korea to compare. But for my first visit to School Food in Hong Kong I did liked it. My favourite was the ham mari.

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