Starz Kitchen 左麟右李, Hong Kong

Starz Kitchen is opened by two famous Hong Kong singer Alan Tam and Hacken Lee. The restaurant serves traditional Cantonese delicacies such as noodle soup, roast meat, congee.

There are many branches in Hong Kong, with their original branch located in Causeway bay. We visited their Mong Kok branch as we were in the area needing brunch. If you compared to the tradition noodle or congee restaurant in Hong Kong, Starz Kitchen felt more upmarket and modern.

We ordered a two roast meats platter and selected their two signature roasted meats to try – roast pork belly (also known as crispy pork) and BBQ Pork.

It was beautiful to see the roast pork belly with the different layers and the top was crispy but one you could bite in to. The BBQ pork itself was beautiful with it sliced in to thick pieces.

Starz Kitchen

I also tried their lean pork and preserved egg congee which I probably could had shared. The congee had a smooth paste texture and there was a generous amount of shredded pork.

Starz Kitchen

Steamed fried doughnuts rice noodle rolls (Chinese doughnuts wrapped in a rice noodle) was well made as the rice noodle was almost crystal see through. It was a thin layer just enough to wrap around the crispy doughnuts.

For those who is not familiar with Chinese cuisines, in the UK this is commonly found as a dim sum under one of the choices for cheung fun. It is a savoury dish which is typical known to have with congee.

Starz Kitchen

(Not Sponsored. Menu correct at the time of dining)

Starz Kitchen 左麟右李 (Mong Kok branch)
G/F, Sai Yeung Building,
190-194A Sai Yeung Choi Street South,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong



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