Mr. Iron 熨烤達人, Hong Kong

Mr Iron is a Korean BBQ restaurant in Hong Kong which is located within the Mong Kok area.

Mr Iron

The restaurant design feels like you are eating in some underground space. It make it a trendy place to hang out for dinner.

Mr Iron

Unlike many Korean BBQ restaurant, the uniqueness about Mr Iron is a cast iron is used to bbq the meat. But not all meat on the menu require the cast iron. There is a symbol to indicate which one requires the cast iron.

Mr Iron

We ordered the pork belly (HK$105) which comes in one thick portion. It was one mega piece of meat and one where we had no idea where to start. Lucky the staff was there to help with cooking it.

Mr Iron

They started off cooking it with the skin faced down and the cast iron placed on top. After the outside was cooked, it was sliced in to thick chunk and further grilled until the meat was fully cooked. Unlike the usual thinly sliced belly pork you would find at a Korean BBQ, this was more like the Chinese crispy pork with the crispy texture skin.

Although, it looks fun with the cast iron, it did felt unsafe as the flame would go up with the oil dripping off the hot iron. We were so glad the staff was there to give us some helping hand, although they were happy for you to cook it urself.

Mr Iron

The restaurant has a drink list which is on a board hanging from the ceiling. It include a range of different flavour of cider. But this is no normal cider that most us would know with the boozy content. Instead cider in Korean term is a soft drink with no alcohol. It is just another fizzy drink.

I thought the drink was cool which tasted like cream soda. It is a drink I recommend to try when visiting Mr. Iron. The bottle is tipped upside down in to a glass . When you drink from the straw you can watch the content of the bottle get less and less.

Mr Iron

Overall I thought the food was average and expensive. Apart from the cast iron it was really like another Korean BBQ restaurant. However, it is a cool place to come here with a group of friends. If you have your birthday here, they will play Happy Birthday in Korean.

The queue for a table at Mr Iron can be long at peak time. So I do recommend trying to not go when every one goes.

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Mr. Iron 熨烤達人
G/F,147 Sai Yee Street,
Mong Kok,
Hong Kong



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