Via Tokyo, Hong Kong

Via Tokyo is a dessert cafe in Hong Kong that serves Japanese desserts. They are most popular for their soft-serve ice cream, especially Matcha (green tea) flavour.

The soft-serve ice cream are served in variety of ways, from just the basic ice cream cone to the traditional Japanese way with fruits, red beans and/or mochi.

Via Tokyo

I thought the Matcha soft-serve ice cream was nice and creamy with the taste of matcha. But whether it is worth the queue to get in is debatable. Hong Kong is known for queues especially when there is some thing new and in trend.

If you want to try both flavours then you can get it as a swirl with half matcha and vanilla flavour. 

Via Tokyo

But if you worry about sleepless nights after having green tea for dessert in the evening, then you can just get a basic vanilla soft-serve.

Via Tokyo

As well as ice cream, Via Tokyo also serves a range of hot and iced tea latte and coffee. This could not be with out the matcha latte.
I went with a few friends after dinner and there was a queue which was expected. We would not had been the only one thinking of dessert. The waiting time was not long for seats of five at this small shop in Causeway Bay.

(Not Sponsored. Menu correct at the time of dining)

Via Tokyo
Shop 1A-1B, G/F, Leishun Court,
106-126 Leighton Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong



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