Xiao Tian Gu (小甜谷) – Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

Xiao Tian Gu (小甜谷) is a place for dessert in Hong Kong. It serves a variety of dessert including some of the tradition ones and also offering it with a modern twist.

Xiao Tian Gu 小甜谷 (TST)

Xiao Tian Gu 小甜谷 (TST)

One of the dessert that is popular at Xiao Tian Gu, is their flakey pastry filled with mango or durian and served with a scoop of ice of your choice (千層酥皮芒果卷配雪糕/千層酥皮榴槤卷配雪糕). We wanted to order one of each to try but was told that the durian filling was sold out and there was only one portion left of the mango version. This meant we had to share it between the six of us.

I could see why it was popular because it was divine. The filling was actually more than fresh mango, there was also a cake sponge. I would consider this dessert for sharing as it is filling to have it all by yourself.

Xiao Tian Gu 小甜谷 (TST)

There is a variety of soft-serve ice cream with three different flavour to choose – vanilla, green tea and sesame.

Xiao Tian Gu 小甜谷 (TST)

With a large variety on the menu, you will be spoilt for choice at Xiao Tian Gu. It is a dessert place that you can consider to visit in Hong Kong.

(Not Sponsored. Menu correct at the time of dining)

Xiao Tian Gu (小甜谷) – Tsim Sha Tsui
Shop A & B, 89-96 Kimberley Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Hong Kong




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