Chee Kee (池記) – Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

Chee Kee (池記) is one of the restaurant that I have visited many time when I am in Hong Kong. It is the one place in Hong Kong where I seem to go if I want a bowl of wonton noodle soup.

There are more than one branches around Hong Kong and the one I tend to visit is Mong Kok. But during my recent visit I tried their Tsim Sha Tsui branch as I was in the area and with friends looking for food.

Chee Kei 池記 (TST)

Hong Kong serves their wonton noodle soup differently to how you would normally get in UK. The wonton are hidden at the bottom and the noodle stay on top. Why? This prevent the noodle getting soggy in the soup. This way when you eat the egg noodle it is still has texture.

Chee Kei 池記 (TST)

Each visit so far has been a good one and after so many years it still maintain its quality of the food.

My review for Chee Kee (池記) Mong Kok branch can be found by clicking on the link below:

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices are correct at the time of dining)

Chee Kee (池記) – Tsim Sha Tsui branch
G/F, 52 Lock Road,
Tsim sha Tsui.
Hong Kong



2 thoughts on “Chee Kee (池記) – Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui

  1. I have also heard from my friends in Hong Kong that ‘Chee Kee’ is famous for its wonton noodle soup. After reading the post fully, I came to know how the texture is maintained properly. I tried to prepare this dish at home. But, it never came out in the way as expected. Anyways, thanks Che Che for posting this. Will be travelling to Hong Kong this weekend.I will make it a point that I visit ‘Chee Kee’ and taste its signature dish.

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