Superstar BBQ – Snowball Dessert

In visiting Superstar BBQ this year I discovered they are now serving dessert, including the popular Korean’s shaved ice dessert (Bing), which are known as snow ball on their menu.

There are four different snowballs to choose: Original (£5.95), Honey quince (£6.95), Ice cream (£7.95) and Baileys (£7.95). All them come with sweet red beans, mixed dried fruits and nuts, drizzled with condensed milk.

Superstar BBQ

I had the Baileys snow ball which is the original snowball with a separate shot of Baileys. You don’t drink the Baileys separately, instead you pour it over the snowball. This turn the original snowball to an alcoholic snowball. 

Superstar BBQ

Superstar BBQ take of Bing is not the same as Shibuya in London Soho. The one in Superstar BBQ is as it described on the menu, shaved ice. Whereas at Shibuya, their Bing is made out of milk which gives it that creamy texture and the milky flavour. Shibuya’s bing is a winner as the best bing in London I have tried so far and it is resonable price for what you get.

The snowball at Superstar BBQ is expensive as the portion size is small. Especially when you compare to Shibuya. I am not sure the snowball would be a dessert I will consider to order again. Unless I wanted dessert and did not want to move on to another venue.

As well as sharing with you my new discovery of snowball dessert, I also want to share with you the Ginseng Chicken at Superstar BBQ. It is a traditional Korean soup, where a whole chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice and cooked with Ginseng. It is probably not a soup a lot of people in UK will choose to order, as Ginseng has a distinct taste that is not to every one liking.

The Ginseng Chicken (£19.50) at Superstar BBQ is one of my favourite I have had in London. It uses a whole stuffed corn-fed baby chicken to give you a mild chicken soup. But as from the price tag this soup is expensive. It is probably smaller than ones I have had at other Korean restaurants in London. But the one at Superstar BBQ taste the best.

Superstar BBQ

For my full review of Superstar BBQ you can find it here:

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Superstar BBQ
4 central Saint Giles Piazza,
St Giles High Street,


One thought on “Superstar BBQ – Snowball Dessert

  1. Dessert seems to be awesome, the four different varieties of snowball was a treat to eyes and the prices also looks negotiable. The dried fruits and nuts in this snowfull were really health it seems. And the ginseng chicken is the another favorite dish of mine. Wherever I go I will never miss this recipe will have this in different taste needs to eat in superstar BBQ

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