The Alice House (West Hampstead)

The Alice House is a chic restaurant pub in West Hampstead. It has a small outdoor area that looks out to the West End Lane main road, which is nice for the warm summer weather to catch a drink and eat.

The Alice House (West Hampstead)

It offers a range of drinks including selection of house cocktails.

The Alice House (West Hampstead)

I thought the food was better than the usual chain pubs, but it’s not at the gastro end. The prices are similar to what you would pay if you were to dine at a restaurant or gasto-pub.

The Alice House (West Hampstead)

The Alice House (West Hampstead)

In the evening it can get a bit dark with the low lighting atmosphere. It’s not a big place and it can get busy so I do suggest to book a table.

The Alice House (West Hampstead)

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

The Alice House (West Hampstead)
283 – 285 West End Lane


One thought on “The Alice House (West Hampstead)

  1. Wow really need to visit Alice house soon, I’m a big lover of cocktails. Thanks for the extensive collection of delicious food. And for your information too. Will book a table soon and will taste all these delicious food asap

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