Frenchie Covent Garden

Frenchie opened its first London branch in the heart of Covent Garden at the beginning of 2016. Ever since this Paris originated restaurant opened its doors in London, it has not been easy to book a table due to its popularity. After my first visit for lunch I can see why, because even I am hoping to return, but I just need to find an opportunity.


Frenchie’s menu is simple whereby the lunch menu is offered in either a 2 course for £22, or 3 course for £28.

I started with the Lincolnshire smoked eel served with roasted cabbage, buckwheat and kale. The combinations of all the ingredients went well, with the green balancing well with the lovely smokey flavour of the eel. My only criticism is there was not enough eel compared to the greens.


I thought my smokey eel was the best starter compare to the Spring Leek with pickled shittake and rancio vinaigrette that a friend ordered. But it was intriguing to see how you can turn a spring leek to an interesting dish.


For main course I had the lamb ragu papdelle with kalamata olives and espelette. Seeing pasta your probably wouldn’t link it to be a French dish. Nevertheless the dish was nicely cooked with the papdelle cooked to al dente.


A main dish that I would had liked to had as my own was the Linconshire chicken with Jerusalem artichoke and meyer lemon. This dish really took a love with my tastebuds. The chicken was really moist and the flavour of this dish reminded me of trips in France.


Overall I was really impressed with food and the service at Frenchie. Each dish was beautifully presented. I thought the portion size for two courses was just about right for lunch. Although I could had a dessert if I had more time. This will just mean I will now have more of an excuse to return.

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Frenchie Covent Garden
16 Henrietta Street
Covent Garden


One thought on “Frenchie Covent Garden

  1. It would be great news to hear that, I too came to know that Paris originated their restaurant in London, but I thought it would be a fake story.Oh, I missed it’s my fault, I lost the table these days; maybe it’s so popular its tough to book a table there, but surely needs it.Will find a better way soon. The recipes seem to be very awesome and fantastic.. Thank CheChe for this beautiful information.

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