Mantovani 1946

Mantovani 1946 is a recently open gelato shop located on Tottenham Court Road. It is a two floors shop with seats available if you want to eat-in.

Mantovani 1946

There is a selection of gelato flavours to choose and the few I sampled were full of flavour. You also have the options in having it served as a cone or cup. In a cup you get to choose the size as well.

I shared a large cup with gelato flavour pistachio and hazelnut. The gelato was creamy and smooth. However, I preferred the flavour of hazelnut over pistachio as in my view other places in London does better flavour pistachio.

Mantovani 1946

However, you probably wouldn’t come here to try the basic flavours. Instead you will want to at least sample Mantovani signature gelato flavour, The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, which was the  winner at the 2015 Gelato Festival in Italy. The flavour is made up of pistachio, orange zest, hazelnut and dark chocolate.

The signature flavour does not only comes in the form of gelato but also as a cake. I tried the Kingdom of two Sicilies cake (“Regno delle due Sicilie” cake) which is a mousse cake with a sponge base.

Mantovani 1946

The surprise about the cake is when we got to the centre we found a flow of dark chocolate sauce. The cake is fairly sweet and goes well with a cup of coffee or tea to blanace the sweetness out.

Mantovani 1946

(Not sponsored. Menu correct at the time of dining)

Mantovani 1946
187 Tottenham Court Raod,
W1T 7PQ,


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