Bocca Di Lupo

Bocca Di Lupo is an Italian restaurant located in London Soho. It has been a popular venue since it first opened many years ago. Each time I go pass, it is always buzzing with diners. In the past, I have tried to get a table but never suceed until recently when looking for a place to have dinner with friends. I thought I would give them a call and unexpectecly to be told that there was availiabity.

Bocca di Lupo

The menu has a range of dishes to select that you spoilt for choice. The dishes at Bocca Di Lupo is to cover different regions in Italy.

The first dish we tried on the evening was the Seabream carpaccio with orange & rosemary. To get the full flavour of this dish you will need to sqeeze some orange juice, otherwise I thought it lacked flavour.

Bocca di Lupo

The grilled mussels with chilli oils was simple dish. It was nice but it would not be a stand out dish for me at Bocca Di Lupo.

Bocca di Lupo

It was my first time trying a Bagna fredda (chilled anchovy & garlic cream with fennel, potatoes, bread and mammole artichoke) and thought it was interesting. When it arrived at the table I thought it was a soup but its more of a dipping for the vegetables and bread. The dipping was full of flavour which made it suited to go with the bread and vegetable which was on the bland side.

Bocca di Lupo

We also tried one of the risotto on the menu which has taken my fancy over pasta these days. One reason is because it is wheat free which you will not find from traditional pasta. I am told that a good pasta and risotto is when the texture is al dente. However, not being an Italian and clearly not since I prefer my risotto on the softer side.

Bocca Di Lupo’s risotto al dente was a bit too on the hard side with a more crunchy texture compared to risotto I have had in London.

Bocca di Lupo

Being an Italian restaurant I expect pasta to be good and Bocca Di Lupo did not disappoint with both pasta dishes we ordered. As with many dishes on the menu, the pasta comes in two sizes – small or large.

Tortellini stuffed with pork & prosciutto, with peas, asparagus and cream

Bocca di Lupo

Tagliatelle with ragu bolognese

Bocca di Lupo

We also tried a few of Bocca Di Lupo’s roast/grilled dishes on the menu. My favourite of the evening has to be the whole slow grilled leg of milk fed lamb with garlic, wine and honey. This dish cost £55 which is for two person to share. The meat was tender with a
sweet honey taste.

Bocca di Lupo

The Roast suckling pig with chestnuts, white wine & bay leaves for £26 would be my second favourite dish of the evening. Crispy skin with succelant meat under it.

Bocca di Lupo

We also tried the Agnell cacio e uiva (lamb braised with white wine sauce thickened with egg yolks and pecorino). Looking at the dish you might think it not that pretty but after all it is a stew like dish.

Bocca di Lupo

The Caponata (aubergines, celery and tomato in agrodolce) come in the option to be served cold or warm. I prefer it warm. Love that the vegetable cooked until it is soft and it compliment the meat dishes.

Bocca di Lupo

We managed to finish our meal with dessert, but unfortunately some of the dessert were already sold out although it was not even 9 o’clock.

The Bonet (chocolate, coffee, amaretti, caramel & rum pudding) was very sweet and is for those with a very sweet tooth. For me one or two spoonfuls is enough to satisfy my sweet buds.

Bocca di Lupo

The Baba with baked rhubarb and cream I thought was like bread soaked in water. The portion size of this can be share. Compared to the bonet this was not sweet and more on refresh side. But it was my least favourite dessert of the evening as soggy bread really does not take my fancy.

Bocca di Lupo

I did enjoyed the food at Bocca Di Lupo but I was disappointed by the service. Our waitress obviously was trying to get us to finish so they could turn the table.

Me and few of us arrived 20 minutes early than our booking and we were shown to our table. However, even before our booking time we were already push to order and asked when the rest of our guests were arriving.

I was already aware that we only had the table for 2 hours and 15 minutes. So when we were offered the dessert menu and needed to give the table back on time, we tried many time to politely get attention of a staff to take our order. Finally when our waitress wanted to take our dessert, she comes over and decided to take the menus off us, giving us the impression that we had no time for dessert.

I know they are busy and want to turn as many tables throughout the night. But I think our waitress could had done it in a much more polite way. Other restaurant has been able to do it in a much better way. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you don’t want to feel push with your dining.

Bocca di Lupo

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Bocca Di Lupo
12 Archer Street,
W1D 7BB,


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