BIRD (Camden Town)

Bird opened their third branch in Camden Town early this year (2016). The restaurant specialise in serving fried chicken which either comes on their own as pieces, in a waffle or as a burger.

We wanted to try their chicken wings but they were sold out that evening. Instead we tried Bird’s fried chicken pieces which comes in the choice of two pieces (£7) or four pieces (£2). Whether it is chicken wings or chicken pieces, there is the option to have it tossed in a glaze or to come with a side sauce.

  • Glaze options: Buffalo, Korean gochujang, Honey-ginger, Sticky soy garlic and Nashville extra hot.
  • Sauces served on the side options: Hickory BBQ, Buttermilk ranch, Tonkatsu, Blue cheese and House kewpie mayo

Bird (Camden Town)

I tried their Gee Gee burger (£9.50) which is made up of crispy fried chicken thigh burger with Korean gochujang glaze & kimchi slaw.  I thought the combination of all the flavours worked well. I do favour chicken thigh over chicken breast as it is more moist. The reason why this burger took my fancy. 

Bird (Camden Town)

Fried chicken, waffles & syrup (£11) is made of two pieces of fried chicken sitting on a waffle and served with maple syrup. I would had preferred this with bonesless chicken pieces and a grilled chicken instead of fried.

Bird (Camden Town)

The Original Waffle Burger (£14) is made of two boneless thighs, bacon, cheese, hot sauce and Candian maple between two waffles. This was much more filling than the burger. Some of us thought this was odd and did not think it work. I thought this was a bit too much and it a bit of an overload with too mamy ingredients. We ended dismantling the waffle burger.

Bird (Camden Town)

Cheesy Korean fries (£4.50) was fries topped with American cheese sauce, house kewpie mayo & gochujang glaze.

Bird (Camden Town)

Being free range chicken the texture was moist and succelant. But I felt Bird was a bit on the expensive side for fried chicken. Both chicken and waffle were over £10 with out sides which I thought was pricey. Sad to say, I am more likely to go to KFC for a fried chicken than Bird.

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Bird (Camden Town)
21-22 Chalk Farm Road,
NW1 8AG,


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