The Diner (Soho)

The Diner has many branches in London that serves American style food. We visit the Soho branch which is located in Carnaby Street area.

Baby back ribs (£13) comes served with fries and slaw.

The Diner (Soho)

The diner has a large range of burgers to select which are all under £10. Each one don’t come with sides and you will have to order this separately. This does give you the options on the choice of sides you want or none at all.

The Diner (Soho)

I went for the most healthy option that I could find on the menu, a Cheeseburger salad (£10). This was a bunless beef patty where the bun is replaced by salad. The salad consisted of lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, croutons, shredded cheese with Diner burger sauce and mustard.

The Diner (Soho)

As well as the original fries, The Diner also has other fries to choose. I found the Wet Fries (£3.40) disappointing as for me the gravy was too water down and did not have much flavour.

The Diner (Soho)

The Chilli cheese fries (£5) was better the the wet fries but it was not the best version I have had in London.

The Diner (Soho)

For drinks, I tried The Diner’s super berry iced tea (£2.20). It was a refreshing drinks but not sure how natural it was.

The Diner (Soho)

Overall, the food was okay but nothing special. It would not been a place I would choose to dine but considered this dining evening as an opportunity to add on to the places visited in London.  When I looked around that evening, I felt like I had a mirror of seeing myself dining here in my younger days. For me this would had been a restaurant that I would had gone in thoses days.

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

The Diner (Soho)
18 Ganton Street,
W1F 7BU,


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