Bukowski (Soho)

Bukowski recently opened their third branch in Soho and offer modern American inspired food. I got the opportunity to visit Bukowski when I was looking for a restaurant to cater a large group to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

The Soho branch is a spacious and is suitable for large party. They also take reservation which is another added bonus. It is a casual restaurant with large variety of dishes to choose on the menu and it is not just all burgers and ribs. You will find duck, lamb and salad on the menu.

We started off with the Puck nuggets served with Kimchi remoulade (£5.95) – These were deep-fried confit pork and duck with Korean spices. These were gorgeous nuggets with a soft creamy meaty centre, but it is on the spicy side.

There are a selection of chicken wings including a smoked chicken wings in barn burner sauce XXX HOT XXX (£6.25). They are free if you can finish them all and that is exactly what one of our brave friend did that evening. He managed to finish these burning chicken wings.

The rest of us kept on the safe side with the smoked chicken wings in bourbon BBQ sauce (£6.25). The chicken wings are moist and succulent in a smokey tangy sauce


For main, I shared the special of the day, 900g 28 day aged Longhorn wing rib steak (£48). This was aimed to be for two person, which came served with a range of sauces and tobacco onions (thinly sliced onions floured and sprinkled with their spice mix).

The wing rib steak is quite chewy and is similar to a rib eye steak. We ordered two portion on the table and one of the wing rib steak was mainly fat. There was not much lean meat to eat and the fat was too unhealthy to eat. So for me, it is not worth the £48 and I would had preferred one of the dish on the main menu which I thought had some good choices.


I enjoyed two of the sides we had that evening, one is the tabacco onions which tasted like onion rings but with a slightly different texture. The other side was the chilli cheese fries (£4.95) which is chips with chilli con carne, grated cheese and sour cream. The portion size is for sharing, although I could enjoy this as my main.

Bukowski offers spiked milkshakes (£5.95 each) which is milkshakes mixed with alcohol. There are three different flavours to choose – Dulce de leche and kahlua/Peanut butter, banana and bourbon/Chocolate and rum.

The dulce de leche and kahlua tasted like a coffee milkshake. The peanut butter, banana and bourbon was strong in bourbon flavour. Both milkshake tasted nice and I do recommend to try.

The service at Bukowski was friendly and the staff were patient with answering our queries about their dishes. I felt they did well in serving a group of 14 people.


(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Bukowski (Soho)
10 D’Arblay Street,
W1F 8DS,



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