Homeslice Pizza (Neal Yard)

If you want a massive big and tasty pizza then consider Homeslice Pizza. They serves pizza 20 inch (£20) in size, but if that’s too big then they also offer pizza by slices (£4 per slice). 

There is a variety of pre-combined toppings to choose including the basic margherita and if you order the 20 inch pizza you can opt to have 50/50. 

We ordered one 20 inch pizza to share and selected one half with Goat Shoulder, savoy cabbage and summac yoghurt (left of photo). Then the other half with Salami, rocket and parmesan (right of photo).

Homeslice Pizza (Goat Shoulder, Savoy Cabbage & Sumac Yoghurt / Salami, Rocket & Parmesan)

The Goat Shoulder and savoy cabbage was nice in flavour but although it was drizzle with summac yoghurt, I thought it was on the dry side compared to the tomato base pizza. 

Whereas the salami, rocket and parmesan pizza was the complete opposite being tomato base. The tomato sauce was still moist which meant the pizza was less dry to eat. The two toppings made a good combination as 50/50.

The pizza at Homslice are soft in texture which might not take every one fancy, if you are one of those who like their pizza crispy. I am the person who likes their soft base pizza and with lots of toppings. Comparing to other popular pizza restaurants in London, the topping at Homeslice is generous and spread equally around the pizza. 

My favourite way of eating them at Homeslice pizza is roll each slice in to a wrap. How do you like to eat yours?

At the time of writing this, there are three branches in London. I visited the branch in Neal Yard which offers both eat in and takeaway. The place was buzzing with people on a weekday lunch time. Its not a huge place but there are tables that are large enough to come with a few friends to share a whole 20 inch pizza.

Homeslice Pizza (Neal Yard)
13 Neal’s Yard,
Covent Garden,


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