Jubo – closed its door

While writing this I found out the sad news that Jubo has just closed its doors. I have found out over the last few weeks many established restaurants around London have or will be closing their doors. It shows how difficult to run a business to become successful, no matter how good an idea or how tasty we consider their food to be.

I did not expect my recent and first visit would had been the last opportunity to dine at Jubo. Although it now has closed its door, I have decided to still share with you all what they did once serve in London.


Jubo is a small restaurant located in Exmouth market and specialise in Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom Tangdak), which come in the form of chicken wings or chicken strips. There are four different flavours to choose – soy garlic, hot, honey butter and volocanio.

I thought the hot flavour was the one that tasted more of the original Korean fried chicken, which is coated in a sweet and spicy sauce. This was my favourite flavour out of all the one I tried that evening. My least favourite flavour has to be the honey butter which was very sweet and buttery. The taste reminded me of caramel sauce or a toffee sweet.

Unlike many places in London, where Korean fried chicken are served in small pieces. The chicken pieces are large at Jubo, regardless if you have the chicken wings or chicken strips. The chicken are crispy outside coated in one of the sticky sauce and moist inside.

You can order the Korean fried chicken as a portion or as a chicken dinner platter which comes with 3 sides (kimchi slaw, crispy lotus roots and gunmandu dumplings)



Although Jubo is all about their chicken wings, they also serves a small selection of BBQ meat.

Beef Galbi (250g) is chargrilled short ribs which according to the menu has been marinated for 24 hours. It was the the least driest BBQ meat I tried, but I would not consider it to be the best beef galbi in terms of its flavour and tenderness.


Pork ribs (350g) was a slow roasted baby back ribs in a Korean barbecue glaze. We had ordered two portions and one of them the ribs was too dry.


Jubo had a selection of rice and noodle that can be ordered to accompany the meat or even to have its own.

Bulgogi rice bowl comes in a choice of skirt beef, spicy chicken or sweet tofy stir fry. Either choices would come with cabbage, red onions, carrots and beansrpouts.


Japchae Bokkeumbap is fried glass noodles with rice, spinach, carrots, red onions, oyster mushroom with soy and sesame seeds. I thought this was an intersting combination wih the mix of rice and noodles, which gave it a range of texture to the dish.


Kimchi Bookeumbap is kimchi fried rice with bacon, sesame seeds, spring onions and topped with a sunny side up. It was a nicely cooked kimchi fried rice with the bacon giving a smokey flavour.


It is a shame that Jubo has now closed because I thought their Korean fried chicken was tasty and a good size for each piece.

50 Exmouth Market,


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