Porky’s BBQ and Beer Pong (Bankside)

When I first wrote about Porky’s BBQ they only had their Camden Town branch. But since my last few years it has grown with a total of five branches, including one in Bankside.

Compared to their Camden Town branch, their Bankside branch is bigger and more spacious. Also, both Bankside and Boxpark branch has beer pong which available to diners.

Beer pong cost £20 per game which includes beers, ping pong balls and cups. The staff will set it up for you and there is instruction on how to play the game. 

In general, there are two teams and 10 cups filled with beer. Each team will take turns to throw a ping pong ball in to the other team’s cup. When a ball lands in the opposition’s cup they remove the ball and drink the beer. The team that successfully removes all of their opponents cups from the table is the winner.
Porkys Bankside

The menu has changed slightly since I last visited a Porky branch. The menu seems to be larger and their main dishes are now served with beans, slaw and house pickles.

Porky’s is popular for their memphis meaty ribs and tips (£14). But I was disappointed with my latest visit at Bankside that it was lacking the smokey flavour and it looked dry. I felt the pulled pork (£12) was better than the memphis meaty ribs. The meat was tender and full of flavour.

Porkys Bankside

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Porky’s BBQ (Bankside)
18 New Globe Walk,
SE1 9DR,



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