Le Bab

Gourmet kebab has arrived in London and is living on the first floor of Kingly Court in Carnaby street.

Le Bab

The menu is small and simple, which is split in to five section – To begin, Sides,  The Babs, Large Bab and Dessert.

Maftoul Risotto (£4.50) is made up of maftoul with roast carrot, chipotle beurre noisette, barrel aged feta. Do not let the word risotto mislead you to think it is the Italian rice dish. As the photo shows it looks like couscous and that is exactly what it is since Maftoul is a type of couscous or also known as giant couscous.

I suspect it has the name as risotto because it uses the technique to produce a texture just like the Italian rice dish but with maftoul instead. Although, those who are gluten intolerance would not choose to dine at Le Bab due to the dishes contained flat bread, but beware gluten intolerance readers.

Le Bab

Meatlafel served on a bed of Tzatziki (£5.50)

Le Bab

Lokma (£5) has to be the highlight of Le Bab’s menu. The Lokma doughnut with spiced chicken liver parfait has a wonderful creamy texture when you bite in to. But of course you have to like the bitter flavour of liver. Otherwise this dish is not heaven to every one but would be hell.

Le Bab

There are variety of fillings to select where each is served on a flat bread.

Corn Fed Chicken Shish (£12) – Squash hummus, season’s pickles, chicken crackling, Le ‘Bab toum, biber, heritage carrot tops.

Le Bab

Roe Deer Adana (£13) – Cavolo nero kimchi, Jerusalem artichoke crisps, damson & chilli jam, game mayo, fried cavolo nero stem pickle.

Le Bab

Pig’s Head (£36) – Pig’s head & crackling served with black turnip, heritage carrot, onion, molasses sauce, carrot & turnip greens.

This is their large bab which is made to share and comes with flat breads and vegetable to wrap up your own bab. But one word of warning is that this it is “fatty”. You get a mixture of the meat and the fat that you will find in the pig heads.

Le Bab

Le Bab’s menu has a selection of sides that you can order along with the bab. We sampled two out of the three option on the menu, but I personally felt we could had skipped both of them.

Fondue Fries (£4.50) – cheesy chips.

Le Bab

Endive & Pomegranate (£.50) – Lincolnshire endive, Iranian pomegranate, shallot dressing

Le Bab

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Le Bab
Top Floor, Kingly Court,
Carnaby Street,



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