Franco Manca (Tottenham Court Road)

I have always wondered what make Franco Manca popular enough, that people will be willing to queue for a pizza. I finally got that opportunity to find out what it is at their Tottenham Court Road branch.

I have gone pass this branch many time and majority of the time it seem to have a queue. Even the evening I went there was a short queue. For a table of 2 people, we did not have to wait too long, roughly 15 minutes.

Franco Manca

The menu is simple with only six different pizza to choose and they all have the option to add extra toppings for additional cost. The most basic and cheapest pizza on their menu is the tomato, garlic and oregano which cost £4.50. The most expensive pizza would be just under £7.

I ordered pizza number five (£6.70) which was made up of tomato, garlic, oregano, capers, olive, anchovies and mozzarella. I found this really salted as it was like eating a lump of salt and my guess was due to the anchovies.

Franco Manca

The pizza at Franco Manca is a soft base pizza and similar to the size you will find at Pizza Express. I prefer the soft base pizza over the crispy base, but there will be some of you out there who will like your cripsy pizza base.

The texture of the pizza was nice but I found there was not enough topping on the pizza and felt like some time I was just eating a plain pizza bread which is bland to me.

Franco Manca

Although, I did not fall in love with the pizza at Franco Manca, I can see why there is a queue. For the price and the quality for a pizza compare to some of the chains it is good value, especially if you go for the most basic pizza on the menu. So it is no surprise why there is a queue and especially at this branch since it is near to University of London where it would be an attraction to students.

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices are correct at the time of dining)

Franco Manca (Tottenham Court Road)
98 Tottenham Court Road,
W1T 4TR,


6 thoughts on “Franco Manca (Tottenham Court Road)

  1. Nice review, I’ve been there couple of times. I like more meaty pizza but there pizza isn’t too bad consider less and simple toppings. Luck you haven’t wait too long coz sometime the wait can be 30min! They should use a queue management app like QTix

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes they should use one one of them, I found them useful. Honest Burger uses one where you can see where you are in the queue as well which is useful.

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