Billy And The Chicks

London seem to have some thing about eating chicken, because there has been many chicken shops popping up around the city. They range from the budget to the gourmet which includes places like KFC, Chicken Cottage, Nandos and Chicken Shop.

In 2015, we saw Billy and The Chicks join the list of London chicken shop which serves fried chicken in Soho. You will find in the little hidden street of St Annes Court one side selling beef at Zelman meats and on the other side is Billy and The Chicks selling chicken.

Billy and Chicks

While me and some friends had time to spare before our dinner reservation we thought we grab some snacks to feed our hungry stomach after two hours of badminton work out. So we decided to grab a takeaway at Billy and The Chicks. You can eat in and make reservation for a table, but we were only needed a snack for on the go.

Billy and Chicks

The takeaway menu is listed on a black board when you walk in to the restaurant. It offers a meal deal for £5 which includes a piece of chicken, chips and a canned drink.

If you do not fancy a meal deal and only want some chicken, you can order them individually and each piece are £2 each.

When we opened the box at a first glance, the chicken looked similar to a price of chicken at KFC. In terms of taste it was not the same as KFC, there is some thing about KFC secret recipe that makes their coating so distinct. The chicken itself, at Billy and The Chicks were succulent and it was not dry at all.

Billy and Chicks

As well as chicken pieces, there are also chicken wings (in the choice of hot or buffalo) which comes in 6 pieces for £3 or 12 wings for £5.50.

Like KFC, Billy and The Chicks also have Chicken burger on the menu which comes served with chips for £9, but you will have to add £1 for it to come with cheese. Just by looking at the burger bun you can tell it is more of a gourmet burger than your average sesame bun found at KFC.

Billy and Chicks

One thing you will not find at KFC is ribs, but you will at Billy and The Chicks. The ribs are priced at £6 and we got three in a portion. The ribs looked like it had been fried and tossed in a sweet honey glazed sauce.

Billy and Chicks

Billy and The Chicks is more of a gourmet version of KFC. But if you ask me to choose in whether I would have preference in buying a chicken piece here or at KFC, then it probably will be KFC. The chicken at both shops taste good but KFC win on price and that secret flavour in their coating.

For those with a nut allergy then you probably will have to give Billy and The Chicks a miss, because they state on their menu they use groundnut oil to fry their products.

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices are correct at the time of dining)

Billy and The Chicks
27-28 St Annes Court,
W1F 0BN,


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