L’Autre Pied

L’Autre Pied is a one Michelin-starred restaurant and sister restaurant of Pied à Terre. The restaurant is located in the Marylebone which is a short walk from Bond Street station.

I was asked by a friend to join them for dinner at L’Autre Pied, as there was a Groupon offer for the seven course tasting menu price at £29.75 per person which would had been £62 per person (excluding drinks and service charge).

L'Autre Pied

Pumpkin, Ginger, Toasted Seeds – A creamy and light dish that work well as an opening dish for the tasting menu, because you felt like you ate nothing.

L'Autre Pied

Cucumber “Ceviche”, Aged Balsamic, Creme Fraiche – A refreshing dish which will open your tasting palette, but I felt the vinegary flavour was too sharp.

L'Autre Pied

Mackeral, Fennel, Celeriac, Apple – I thought this was an interesting combination with the use of green apple.

L'Autre Pied

Scallop, Brassicas, Pink Grapefruit, Pearl Barley – Looking at the shape, I would have not realise they were scallops, as my picture of them are nicely round. But I can say they indeed did taste like scallop.

L'Autre Pied

Fallow Deer, Beetoot, Radicchio, Parsley – This was one of my favourite course of the evening. It was interesting in how well the fruity sauce worked well with the deer. The dish itself was colourful which reminded me of a fairy tale forest.

L'Autre Pied

Pre Dessert – I felt this was more of a palette cleanser from all the previous courses to our final course of the evening – dessert!

L'Autre Pied

Brown Butter Cake, Dill, Buttermilk – The plate was huge which made the dessert look even smaller. But I thought the presentation of the dessert was beautiful and worked well with the design of the plate.

L'Autre Pied

I  found the overall experience at L’Autre Pied interesting. The dishes was creative in not just with the presentation, but the use of different ingredients and combining it to become one complete dish.

It might not be every ones type of experience because not every one on my dining table enjoyed it. I felt it is like a piece of artwork where some will like it and other will question what is so good about it.

£62 is definitely not a price tag that many of us would or can pay. But the tasting menu is not the only menu served at L’Autre Pied. The restaurant also has other options which might be more reasonable to many of our pocket. If you have a big appetite then you could not be guarantee to come out being full, although you could with all the complimentary bread you get serve in between courses.

L'Autre Pied

(Not sponsored. Menu and prices are correct at the time of dining)

L’Autre Pied
5-7 Blandford Street,
W1U 3DB,



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