BAO (Soho)

BAO is popular in London for serving Tawainese style bao and they have a store in Soho which is near to Carnaby street. Being popular, there is no surprise that you will need to prepare to queue for a seat at BAO.


When you finally do get a seat, you would place your order by filling in a order form and hand it to one of the staff. The menu is broken in to three section – small plates, bao and sides.


The drinks are on a separate menu and there are a selection of hot or cold oolong tea. I ordered the Ming Yue BaoZhong which is a hot, light and fresh in flavour. Each hot oolong tea is served in a small clay teapot.


When you visit BAO you have to order at least one of their bao which is what has made them popular. There is different fillings to select including Fried Horlicks ice cream. Instead of steam bao it is deep fried bao with Horlicks ice cream. It was some thing I wanted to try, unfortunately not the day I visit. That was a shame as I’m not sure when I will give myself a good excuse to queue again to try one. Oh well!

Between me and a friend we tried two different one. Each one, the bao was soft and fluffy, which was better than the one I had at Little Bao.

The Classic Bao (£3.75) consist of braised pork with fermented greens and peanut powder.


Confit pork bao (£4.50) consist of pork belly with a hot pork sauce and dried shallots.


Eating bao can get a bit messy but don’t freak because you will get wet tissue to wipe your hands.


From the side we tried the turnip tops with salted egg (£2.50).


We also tried a few of the small plates including Tawainese Fried Chicken with hot sauce (£5)


One of my favourite on the menu is their Scallops with yellow bean sauce (£3.50).


Guinea Fowl Chi Shiang rice (£5.25) comes served in a small bowl which make it great size as a small plate. You can consider having one of these rice bowl and a bao, instead of muching yourself through lots of bao to get full and have your money draining away quicker.


Aged Beef Rump Cap (£6) served with aged white soy sauce.


Bao is a small place which is no surprise that you need to queue. It defintely not suitable for large groups here but a place to consider for one or two people.


(This was not sponsored. Prices and menu correct at the time of dining)

53 Lexington Street,


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