Orient London 添福海鮮酒

What originally was Jade Garden in London Chinatown has changed name to be known as Orient. It has had a complete renovation which now reminds me of Royal China, using the combination of black and gold.

Orient serves dim sum in the afternoon with an all day à la carte. As with many  Chinese places, you would order dim sum by marking the choices on a form. I’m not sure if they offer a English version, but there is a menu which is in both Chinese and English. So you can match up the numbers from the menu on to the order form. Otherwise I am sure you could place your order with one of the staff.

Orient London

We tried Orient’s siu mai which had a fancy name as Crab roe & pork dumplings 蟹皇蒸燒賣 (£3). But it is just the typical siu mai!

Orient London

I was glad to see the Mini egg tarts 酥皮蛋達仔 (£2.80) made with flaky pastry instead of the modern shortcrust.

Orient London

The cheung fun at Orient are served with steamed Chinese greens which seem to bring the plate to live. We tried the stuffed dried beancurd with prawn cheung fun 鮮蝦腐皮腸 (£4.20) which has a mixture of texture. The outer layer is a soft smooth cheung fun, follow by the crispy dried beancurd and finally biting to a bouncy prawn paste filling.

Orient London

We also tried some of the dim sum from Orient chef’s recommendation. This included the crystal king prawn dumplings with black truffle &  X.O sauce 黑松露蝦餃 (£4). This is smiliar to har gau but was topped with X.O sauce (a spicy seafood sauce).

Orient London

The Spicy Shanghai veal dumplings 四川牛湯飽 (£3.80) is smiliar to Shanghai dumplings (siu long bao). Instead of pork this was filled with veal meat and it was slightly spicy. The pastry was nice and thin, but I felt the taste was weird and it did not work for me. 

Orient London

The steamed salty egg buns 秘制流沙包 (£3.50) was not the best in London that I have had, but it is not the worse. As expected, the bun has a grainy liquid filling, but I prefer if there was slightly more in each bun. The main thing that disappointed me was the bun was not fluffy enough.

Orient London<

Orient London

Orient serves a variety of dim sum and one of my favourite is their spare ribs and chicken claw rice 鳳爪排骨飯 (£5). This is served in a pot with black bean spare ribs and chicken claws sitting on a bed of steamed rice. It is topped with a sweet soya sauce and accompany with steamed Chinese greens.

If chicken claw does not take your fancy then there are other steamed rice pot options including chicken with Chinese mushroom.

Orient London

(This is not a sponsored review. Prices and menu correct at the time of dining.)

Orient London
15 Wardour Street,



2 thoughts on “Orient London 添福海鮮酒

    • Some of the places in London, where I have had 流沙包 no longer do them. My current favorite is Go Sing restaurant in West Drayton. If you have a favorite let me know.

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