Viet Eat Pho & Bun

Following on with the Vietnamese theme from my last post, my next share is Pho & Bun located on Shaftsbury Avenue. The restaurant is by the same people behind Viet Eat located in Holborn. Just like their competitors around the corner, Pho & Bun concept is to serve Vietnamese street food.

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

The Summer Rolls with Tiger Prawn (£2.50)  at Pho & Bun is like a mini sushi roll. Instead of the dipping coming separate it is dotted on the top. I thought the portion was too small for the price.

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

Crispy Spring Roll Pork & Crab (£2.95) I favour instead of their Summer roll.

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

Pho & Bun branch serves steamed milky bun burger (£7.95 each), which is an Asian version burger. Each one are a sides of a burger that is served in a dim sum steam basket with a Vietnamese flag.

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

I tried both the beef burger and the BBQ honey pork burger. But it is the beef burger that wins.

You could share the burger between two or have a whole one to yourself with a portion of the salted sweet potatoes chip with chilli mayonnaise (£2.35).

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

There are a selection of pho including the classic pho with rare sliced beef (£8.95)

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

One of my favourite is the red wine brasied beef pho. Although, you can not taste the red wine which the beef has been braised, it is tender meat with a combination of fat and lean meat on each one.

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

Pho and Bun gives their diner the option to add extra noodle, fried dough stick and meat to any of the pho soup. This is great for those who want a bigger pho and for big eater. Here is a sample of one with extra noodle and meat.

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

There are range of homemade drinks including juices, roasted corn milk, homemade iced lemon tea, homemade lemonade and crushed ice yohurt with Vietnamese milk coffe. They also serve Vietnamese dripping coffee served hot or ices (£2.95), fresh ginger tea, green tea and jasmine tea.

I tried their homemade iced lemon which came in a small tin cup which I thought was small and filled with ice.

Viet Eat Pho & Bun

Having spoken to various friends who went to try Pho & Bun during the soft launch and came out with negative feedback. I have to say that having visted during and after the soft launch, there has been a change. The menu is slightly different to when it was at the soft launch.

I remember how shocked during the soft launch to be served jasmine tea in a small Chinese tea cup and at the same price as you would pay in a Chinese restaurant for unlimited tea. However, having revisit after the soft launch the Jasmine tea is served in a teapot with the option to refill.

I have to say it is much better than when I went during the soft launch. If you did come out feeling negative during the soft launch then do consider to revisit them. This is not a sponsored review but my experience I have had during and after the soft launch.

Pho & Bun
76 Shaftesbury Avenue,
W1D 6ND,


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