Little Penang

London Chinatown has changed over the many years since I was a child. I remember those childhood days when we would travel in to London Chinatown once a week to have dim sum for a family lunch. Now a day you have considerately more choices around London that you can easily get a decent Chinese food with out going in to Chinatown.

Chinatown has and still changing due to the trend, rent and the increase in competition around other local areas. It is no longer just an area that offers cantonese cusinese, it has extended to other part of region in Asia.

This year we saw a new addition, Little Penang in London Chinatown. The restaurant aim is to concetrates on serving Malaysian cuisines. 

Satay skewers (£6.80)

Little Penang (London Chinatown)

Asam Seabass (£19.80) felt like the fish did not connect with the rest of the ingredients on the plate. The fish seem to be cooked separately from the sauce with the vegetable, then pour over the the sauce. The fish was missing the infusion of the flavour from the sauce.

Little Penang (London Chinatown)

Kam Heong Crab (£15.80) was better than the fish with stronger flavour.

Little Penang (London Chinatown)

Instead of Hainan chicken rice, Little Penang serves their version of a Malacca Chicken Rice (£9.80). It is smiliar to Hainan chicken rice but the Malacca version is serve with rice ball.

Little Penang (London Chinatown)

If you are looking for freshly made roti than this is not the place for them.

Little Penang (London Chinatown)

The dish was okay but comparing to what I have had at other places in London, than it does not compare. 

Little Penang (London Chinatown)

There are various drinks to stick to the Malaysian theme such as the Soya milk with grass jelly, which was not as nice as the one I had at Bugis street.(

Little Penang (London Chinatown)

If you make comparison with other place in London serving smiliar cusines than Little Penang would not come out on top. Although not all dishes was the best the food is okay, but there are some I wouldn’t order again.

Little Penang 
18 Gerrard Street,
W1D 6JF,


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