Shibuya Soho

Shibuya has been popular over the last few months it has opened for their dessert, Soho Bing. At a glance you will think it is just shaved ice, but you will be surprised. The texture is soft snow that melt in your mind and taste like ice cream. It is actually made of milk that is turned in to snow.

Bing comes from Korea and has been popular over in Hong Kong. Shibuya is the first London restaurant I know to serve this Korean dessert, so no surprise it has been popular.

Shibuya has five different bing to select and each one comes in two sizes, small (£5.90) and regular (£7.90). I feel the small is enough for one person and can be shared if you are just peckish for a few spoonful. Otherwise the regular is good sharing size.

Shibuya (London Soho)

Out of all the different bing I would recommend the Kinako Bing. The bing is topped with roasted soybean flour, sweet red bean and drizzle with condensed milk. You also get a separate small pot of condensed milk if not enough.

Shibuya (London Soho)

My second favourite would be the Matcha Bing where the bing is topped with matcha powder, sweet red bean and drizzle with condensed milk.

Shibuya (London Soho)

As well as bing for dessert, Shibuya also offer cakes including a strawberry cream cake and a matcha roll cake.

Shibuya (London Soho)

Shibuya does not just serve dessert, it also serve Japanese food. It is a place you can have dinner and finish off dessert at the same place. Each dishes are beautifully presented.

There are a selection of appertizer on the menu and the one that caught my eyes is the Hotate Creamy (£6.70).

Shibuya (London Soho)

Shibuyu alse serves a range of sushi, sashimi and rolls. However my view is if I come to Shibuya then I would come here for their rice dishes (see below).

Shibuya (London Soho)

Japanese curry comes in the choice of deep fried pork cutlet (£11.80) or deep fried chicken (£9.90). Each one is served with rice.

Shibuya (London Soho)

Black cod marinated in miso paste (£12.80) is one of my favourite dish at Shibuya.

Shibuya (London Soho)

Salmon teriyaki (£10.80)

Shibuya (London Soho)

There are choice of different don which are all served with miso soup. Gyudon don (£9.50) is one of them which is a traditional don with rice topped with beef and onion.

Shibuya (London Soho)

Shibuya has seating over two floors but still small. So I do not recommend it for large group.

Shibuya (London Soho)

(Not Sponsored. Menu and prices correct at the time of dining)

Shibuya (London Soho)
110 Shaftesbury Ave,
W1D 5EH,


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