Little Bao (London Pop Up)

Little Bao is a popular Hong Kong restaurant that gives a mix of Asian and American twist to their food. During September, Little Bao came over in London for a one week pop-up to showcase their creation. I actually did not plan to visit the pop-up as I was flying over to Hong Kong and had aleady had it as a place to visit. But by chance while looking for a place to have lunch I came across a cute looking baby face and to my surprise it was Little Bao.

The menu is simple with three section, For Sharing, Baos and Sweet Endings.  It was exactly same as their Hong Kong restaurant but it includes what should highlight Little Bao.

Little Bao (London pop up)

We started with the K-Wings (£7.50) which was coated in a of femented beancurd and gochujang glaze, given it an Asian twist. I could taste the femented beancurd which reminded of Asian flavour and my mum cooking at home who would use fermented beancurd in her braised chicken dish.

Little Bao (London pop up)

Short-Rib Pan-fried Dumplings (£10) consisted of dumpling filled with slow braised beef short rib and served with celeraic coleslaw. The pastry of the dumpling was thin and cooked with it being crispy on one side. I really enjoyed the flavour and the texture of the celeriac coleslaw.

Little Bao (London pop up)

LB Fries (£5.50) I thought was unique as the fries was coated in a mixture of spice. It created a sticky fries which were flavours of Thai and Vietnam.

Little Bao (London pop up)

As its name Little Bao then the icon dish would be their selection of baos. On the menu there was four different baos to choose and they are £6 each. I tried the pork belly bao which consisted of a thick slow braised pork belly, served with shiso salad, sesame dressing and hosin ketchup.

I thought the texture of the bao was not as fluffy as other places in London. But the combination of the filling were interesting with different Asian ingredients.

Little Bao (London pop up)

Finally we finish with a LB ice cream bun (£3.50). A green tea ice cream drizzle with condense milk sandwich between deep fried bao. The bao reminded me of deep fried mantou that you can find on some dim sum menu and it will be served with condenses milk.

Little Bao (London pop up)

Unfortunately, Little Bao is now back in Hong Kong. So if you want to visit them then you will have to fly to Hong Kong. The restaurant is first come, first served so do expect queue if you visit them at peak time.

Little Bao (London pop up)


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